Nasty Snacks

Saturday, January 29th – 8:00PM-11PM

Formed in 2014, Nasty Snacks is a 9-10 piece “funkestra” consisting of members of the vibrant Chicago music scene. Described by some as “future funk” the genre-bending band blends elements of funk, R&B, and fusion.


The evening also features variété between sets, followed by late night DJ and dancing.

Featuring Variété Performances by: Gaea Lady

Gaea Lady is an enchantress by nature; a force that will make you feel the earth move. Integrating a lifetime of experience, Gaea cultivates an intentional style that is all her own. She seeks to share knowledge and empower others through her performances, events, nourishment, & instruction. She manifests community everywhere she goes, by forging connections that are grounded in inspiration, mutual support, & self-transformation.