Gerald McClendon

Saturday, May 13th • 8PM-11PM

Gerald McClendon, known in Chicago as the “Soulkeeper”, is one of the most versatile Soul & R&B singer/songwriter/performers in the recording industry. Gerald McClendon has graced the stage to sellout crowds in practically every major entertainment venue in the Midwest area. In addition, his unique performance style has allowed him to captivate audiences internationally in locations as far as Asia and Australia.


The evening also features variété by Lilly Rascal between sets, followed by a late night dance party with DJ Ryan Ross.

Featuring Variété Performances by: Lilly Rascal

This Chicago heart breaker is ready to kick your ass while you can kiss hers! Lilly Rascal brings her energetic rock and roll burlesque to the international stage and to a dance studio near you. With over 10 years of performance experience in modern dance, jazz, and pointe ballet, along with stage acting, film and voice over work, she strives to create distinctive burlesque that is compelling and powerful. As an educator, Lilly infuses the knowledge gleaned from her body of work into her classes, offered as weekly sessions, traveling workshops, bachelorette parties and private lessons. After cutting her teeth in the musical theater world, Lilly began her burlesque career in 2011, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and now resides in the Windy City, co-producing Parlor Tricks Burlesque when she is not touring and teaching. She is the original rascal without a cause, it's Lilly Rascal!