Angela Martin

Saturday, February 13th – 7:00PM

The world was introduced to this Chicago native when she premiered on American Idol season 7 and returned for seasons 8 and 9. Around the age of 18 she got her start being in front of an audience at the legendary Cotton Club. Although Angela can belt out the Blues, she loves so many genres, especially Rock and Funk. With all of Angela’s experience, gifts and talents combined, she has a resilience that resonates as bold as her vibrato.

Featuring Variete Performances by: Gaea Lady

Gaea Lady is an enchantress by nature; a force that will make you feel the earth move.
Integrating a lifetime of experience, Gaea cultivates an intentional style that is all her own. She seeks to share knowledge and empower others through her performances, events, nourishment, & instruction. She manifests community everywhere she goes, by forging connections that are grounded in inspiration, mutual support, & self-transformation.